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SEED of Speed

the TRAINING methodology

Seed of Speed is a phrase coined by Mick Clegg that refers to his pioneering training methodology revolving around the idea that speed, strength, skills and power, all start in the brain and not in the body.

The Seed of Speed methodology focuses on the use of the brain to facilitate movement from one skill set to another very efficiently whilst maintaining cognitive functions for multitasking purposes within the needs of the athlete’s performance.
Athletes build new neural pathways, through the repetition of particular exercises, which condition the athletes brain to carry out certain tasks more efficiently.

The Seed of Speed methodology also falls into power development training which combines basic simple strength and speed exercises that create physical power along with the true power of the athlete’s brain to combine physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual power.
The way that power development differs from strength and conditioning is that power development is the constructive development of all faculties of the brain and its systems to fully condition the athlete’s abilities to be an advanced user of all the tools that he or she was born with, to compete in athletic endeavour and life’s great challenges.  

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